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Colosimo Safe Winder in Stainless Steel

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Additional Information:

We'll admit it, this piece only just qualifies for our watch winder reviews.  Technically this is a safe first and a winder second.  It even comes with the option of no winding mechanism, replacing the innards with a cigar humidor.  However, the deliciously over-engineered design piqued our interest here at Watch Winders Int, so we decided to probe a little further.

Dubbed 'the smallest high security safe in the world', this is a 1:13 scale homage to the classic vaults Döttling are known for.  It's petite frame (28 x 27 x 27cm) belies it's obese credentials - it weighs in at a hefty 66lbs, or 30kg.  For a safe though, that's an advantage.  Yet the moniker of 'Colosimo' is unrelated to the colossal size; it's actually from the early 20th century bank robber - Jim Colosimo.

Naming a vault after a murdering pimp who died in a hale of bullets may seem unwise for a luxury goods manufacturer, but don't let that put you off.  The safe is playing on its '20s style rather than on it's credentials as a security piece.  It really does look like a mini version of the gloriously styled Prohibition-era bank vaults.

That's not to say it doesn't fulfill it's key role of keeping your time-piece secure; it most certainly does.  It has the same armored protection and high grade German steel as it's bigger Döttling brothers.  Plus there's the 16 radially arranged locking bolts and 32 gilged cogs which bolt the  door closed.

It's these cogs and bolts which are the most fascinating part of this unit and may be the reason you keep it open more than closed.

Each of the 32 gearwheels are gold-plated and sit atop decorative pearlage on the inner door.  The visual impact of the bolts as they explode out or contract in is stunning.  That's the reason Döttling were kind enough to ensure that the whole mechanism is viewable behind mineral glass.

Nevertheless, while the safe might be impressive, the real question here is the winder itself.  Should you opt for the winder over the humidor you will receive a MotionTech Engineering (MTE) winder from OriginTimes (the outfit that brought us this marvel).  This ensures a high build quality and quiet motor (not that it will matter inside this unit).

There's mains power as well battery, which is good to know.  However, at this price point it probably isn't a deciding factor.  If you're ready to drop $23,800 on a miniature security system for your timepiece then you probably have a very expensive watch.  In fact, you probably have many.  And that leads to the one plausible weakness in this piece - it can only hold one watch.

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Colosimo Safe Winder in Stainless Steel Special New


Colosimo Safe Winder in Stainless Steel Colosimo Safe Winder in Stainless Steel Colosimo Safe Winder in Stainless Steel

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