Fun Fact Friday! Fact 23

Posted by Daubin Barshtak on August 24, 2012.

 Fun Fact Friday:

Viking jewelry reflects the culture's strong belief in multiple gods, from whom they hoped to obtain strength, wisdom or luck. Odin, the main god of Norse mythology, was symbolized by a wolf or two ravens, which stood for thinking and remembering. He was said to be obsessed with knowledge. The guardian god Heimdall was believed to guard a bridge leading to Asgard, home of the gods, connecting the physical body with the spirit. He owned a horn to call forward Ragnarok, the end of the gods. Both objects appear on jewelry. Depictions of the goddess Freya wearing a necklace called Brisingamen promised success in love and beauty. Her animal symbol was a falcon. When the Norsemen settled in foreign countries, fertile ground and successful childbearing were a survival requirement. They had several fertility gods. Freyr, who is symbolized by a boar cast in gold, ensured success. The foot of the sea god Njord was also identified as a popular fertility symbol in Viking jewelry. Both symbols are of male origin, which implies the more important role of men in Viking culture.


  1. Lina October 11, 2012

    gold-fill, does that mean the outside is gold? I am alligrec to nickel and sterling silver so I bought a pair of your earrings that says gold fill I am assuming this will not give me a reaction? I am very excited to see more of your pieces!

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