The Stunning Hublot BB

Posted by Daubin Barshtak on July 26, 2011.

Hublot BB Watch



            There are only so many times that you see a watch that makes your jaw drop and eyes sparkle simultaneously. One of these watches that we have come across is the Hublot BB Watch. The Hublot BB is without a doubt one of the most expensive, rare, and intricate wrist watches to date. To start, the watch is made from 18-karat white gold. It is covered with 140 karats of diamonds made from 637 individual-cut “baguette” diamonds that are placed together with no space in between. Inside the watch operates on a tourbillion movement and offset hour and minute indicator.  Hublot also has reported that the watch took over 2,000 man-hours and 45 gem-cutters to complete. Currently, the watch is exclusive to Formula 1 czar Bernie Ecclestone. Now if you decided you must have this watch, it goes for about $2.9 million! Now the question is, “If you could have any watch, what would you choose?”



Daubin Barshtak

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  1. Genevieve August 28, 2011

    This has made my day. I wish all psoigtns were this good.

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