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Posted by Samantha Soltesz on July 15, 2011.


 Made in 1989 to celebrate the company’s 150th birthday, the Swiss brand Patek Philippe made the Patek Philippe Calibre 89.  Patek Philippe named its mechanical wonder “the most complicated watch in the world.” This timepiece weighs in at 1.1kg. It contains hundreds of bridges, gears, pivots, pinions, pins, tiny screws and springs, a total of 1,728 components, which provides 33 functions. Some of the 33 functions include perpetual calendar, leap year and Easter calculations, sunrise and sunset indicators, a star chart and even a thermometer. The Calibre 89 is made of 18k yellow gold and it took 5 years to research and develop. It also took an additional 4 years to manufacture.  Only four models of the Calibre 89 were made: platinum, white gold, rose-gold and yellow-gold.


Samantha Soltesz

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  1. Joyelle August 27, 2011

    Way to go on this essay, hpleed a ton.

  2. Irina July 15, 2011

    Good One Samantha, here is more interested facts about this watch:
    This watch contained 332 screws, 129 rubies, 429 mechanical components, 68 springs, 24 hands, 184 wheels, it has a perpetual and secular calendar, phases of the moon, a chronograph and it chimes too! There are only four of these Patek Philippe pocket watch in existence. On the 24th April, 2004 one of the four watches, a white gold example sold at auction for over US$5m.

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